Enjoy awesome vistas of wide open skies and bountiful fields on excursions to near-by towns.

As a rule, North Dakota roads do not meander. You can't get lost for long on quiet, beautiful county roads. For detailed county maps including all gravel roads please visit the ND Dept. of Transportation or click: for Griggs County or for Steele County. To have these maps printed out same day in their original large format (30x18in.) the Great Plains Directory Service of Jamestown, North Dakota offered to print each map for $5.00.
Call them at 701-251-1612.

Towns to visit on your excursions could be:

From Oscar-Zero
Binford 20 minutes northwest feisty village: bar and cafe
Sibley 30 minutes lakeside resort: bar & restaurant
Cooperstown 4 minutes south historic courthouse: restarurants
Devils Lake 1 hour northwest  walleye, gambling, restaurants
Luverne 30 minutes great bar/restaurant
Finley 20 minutes east great bar and cafe
Hope 30 miles Steele County Museum & folksy cafe
Hannaford 25 minutes south great bowling alley & cafe
Jamestown 1 hour southwest thirty-foot cement bison & restaurants
McVille 45 minutes north great fishing & restaurant
Sharon 30min. east Smokie's bar for food too