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I think one of the best descriptions of this area can be found on page 132 of "The Story of the Prairies, or the Landscape Geology of North Dakota" by Daniel Everett Willard originally published in 1906 where he said:


A Picturesque Group in Griggs County.  One of the prettiest groups of lakes in the State and surrounded by the most picturesque morainic hills is that in Griggs County, and also extending north into Eddy County.  The group consists of Lake Jessie, Addie, Sibley, Clear and Red Willow, besides many small ones, and also the North and South Washington Lakes in Eddy County, and Free People's Lake, on the Indian Reservation north of the Sheyenne River.  From Devils Heart Hill across the Sheyenne at the Morris ford to McHenry and Cooperstown is a continuous series of lakes and hills.  West of Cooperstown are the high, steep, rounded knobs of the Dovre Moraine, rising seventy-five to one hundred and fifty feet above the surrounding prairie, covered often thickly with large granite and limestone boulders, and among these hills are the silvery sheets of water of the lakes named.  


It's always a great pleasure to to take small road trips and enjoy the rural countryside with wide open vistas and the scenic hills and lakes. 

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